Attach as many as 7 digital files. * If you have more than 7 files or files that exceed 5MB each, we will provide you with password-protected access for uploading to our FTP site. Also, you can email the files to us directly at



Translation at foreign voice overs dot com is a step above the translation you receive from companies (or individual translators) who are not specialists in voice overs or creative product.


Translation at fvo is geared to the scripted process of aural communication rather than written communication. We at fvo are conscious of the translation needs of our voice over clientele and the special requirements of timing speech and picture to ensure a smooth match of visual and aural cues.


Speak to our trained acct execs at Fvo to learn more about what our integrated translation can mean to you.



To see job opportunities for talented individuals, check out our Opportunities page to see if we're looking for you.


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