Studio Services

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We offer a wide range of multimedia production and studio services. Our experienced audio and video engineers can handle almost any job.

Voices for Jingles and MusicAudio Enhancement & Engineering

At Foreign voice overs dot com, audio is our forte.  Our audio professionals can help you with Noise Removal & Reduction, audio tape recovery, restoration, enhancement & analysis, Historic Preservation, and digital remastering.

Voices for Jingles and MusicVideo Editing

Foreign voiceovers dot com has helped clients with their video editing, duplication, subtitling, dubbing, DVD editing, and DVD authoring. We use only the best tools in the business, including Final Cut Pro & Avid.

Voices for Jingles and MusicStudio Recordings

If you’re looking to record an audio track, we can provide you with a studio complete with top of the line equipment, enabling you to record the best quality sound possible.  From jingles to documentaries, we meet your audio needs.

Voices for Jingles and MusicMedia Conversions

Flash files to video, tape recordings to mp3s, VHS to DVD, photos to CDs. We can convert virtually any possible combination. We can probably even chisel a script onto stone if the need arises.

Voices for Jingles and Music Media Backup Services

Make sure your old VHS, beta, DV tapes, 8-tracks, reel to reel, DAT tapes or cassette tapes are backed up. (Unfortunately they don’t last forever!) Whatever your format may be, CDs, DVDs etc. we can help you keep it safe.

Voices for Jingles and Music Duplication Services

Is your CD/DVD burner not keeping up with the demand? We can help you duplicate your media on to thousands of discs or tapes. Need labels and prints? No problem, foreign voice overs can take care of everything!


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