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Foreign voice overs dot com voice over services in more than 150 languages and dialects. We produce superior presentations at competitive prices.

Voices for Jingles and MusicCharacter Voice Over Services

Character voice over services for educational films, video games, talking toys and animations. We can help you find fresh new voice talent and voice actors for your next voice over project.

Voices for Jingles and MusicVoice Over Services for the Internet and Digital Media

Voice over services for interactive flash & PowerPoint presentations, multimedia CDs and DVDs, pod casts, websites, Internet radio, virtual tours and software.

Voices for Jingles and MusicOn-Hold Voice Over Services

On-Hold voice overs services for voice prompts / phone prompts, message on hold, music on hold, voice mail, auto attendants and interactive voice response systems.

Voice overs for TelevisionVoice Over Services for TV

TV commercials, video narration, documentaries, educational videos, corporate training videos, public service announcements, movie trailers, promos, infomercials, in-flight entertainment.

Voices Overs for RadioRadio Voice Over Services

Voice over services for Commercial AM/FM radio stations, satellite & low power radio, DJ’s & dubmasters, Internet & streaming radio, in-flight entertainment & public service announcements.

Foreign Language Voice OversForeign Language Voice Overs

Foreign language voice over services in more than 150 languages and dialects for the web, radio & TV, jingles, narration, audio books, character voice overs, on-hold messages and voice mail.

Voices for Jingles and MusicNarration Voice Overs

Voice over services for audio books, presentations, tutorials and audio manuals, training videos, documentary films, commercials, in-flight videos, website prompts & tours.

Voices for Jingles and MusicVoices for Jingles & Music

Voice over services for promotional materials & branding, theme songs, commercial jingles for TV and radio, children’s music, soundtracks and music-on-hold.


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