Character Voices

The character of a voice can convey as much and sometimes even more than the words themselves.

In English and dozens of other languages foreign voice overs dot com offers experienced talent and voice actors to bring your characters alive.

From a happy horse in an animated feature (the quintessential bit part) to the dark and brooding murderer in a major crime novel, foreign voice overs dot com provides voices that make your character credible.

Foreign voice overs dot com has worked on a variety of projects and can help you find fresh new voice talent and voice actors.

  • Educational films
  • Animations and Cartoons
  • Video games
  • Characters in Foreign Languages and Accents

Character Voices for Educational Films

Keeping a child’s attention for more than two seconds, let alone teach them something in those two seconds, poses a huge challenge. Good characters and fun character voices can help achieve that by keeping children and adults alike captivated.

Foreign voice overs dot com has the experience and talent to make your characters teach any two second film.

Character Voices for Animations and Cartoons

As the animation and cartoon industry has, in recent years, gained a larger and older audience, demand for charater voices has increased tremendously.

In keeping up with that demand foreign voice overs dot com can find you the best talent for your animation of cartoon voice over needs.

Character Voices for Video Games

Voice overs for video games is one of the fastest growing sectors in the voice industry. As video games become more and more advanced, gamers expect more quality, not only from graphics and game play but also from the sound and mood of the video games.

There is a high level of competition and many good voice actors to choose from. Foreign voice overs dot com helps you find the talent you need.

Character Voices in Foreign Languages and Accents

Accents and dialects are often essential to voicing a unique character.  Foreign voice overs dot com specializes in foreign language character voice overs. Do you need a high-pitched English speaking voice with a Spanish accent? Or a deep German voice with an English accent? Our voice over talent can speak more than 150 languages, dialects, and accents, ensuring you’ll find what you’re looking for. So why not give us a call right now?

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