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At home and in business, the consumption of digital media and information is rapidly increasing. In certain age groups the amount of time a person is spending in front of the computer and the Internet rivals that of television. Foreign voice overs dot com can help you effortlessly move your business into the digital age.

Voice Overs for Flash & Websites

Until recently, the use of graphics, motion and audio on a website would slow page loading and deter visitors. But now with higher bandwidth and faster connection speeds, more and more web pages are coming to life.  Be it flash, or just a simple MP3 narration, foreign voice overs dot com can help you create a complete interactive experience for your website’s visitors.

Virtual Tours, Online Tutorials & Presentations

Reinforce your website’s message with the spoken word. If you’re offering a virtual tour of your newest homes, you need to make the visitor feel as if there is also a virtual tour guide.

Do you need a clear voice to guide your viewers through a complicated procedure, or an engaging voice to make that PowerPoint presentation sell? Foreign voice overs dot com can help you spice up any presentation, be it a computer-based training tutorial or a sales pitch presentation.

Internet Radio & Podcasts

Anyone can set up a radio station or put up a podcast on the internet, but the same old rules apply: to make your station or podcast heard, you need to give your listeners what they want; that is, a voice that appeals to them.  Why make your audience suffer by podcasting scratchy, stuttering amateur voices?  Use a professional, use foreign voice overs dot com.

Narration for DVDs, CD-ROMs & Software

Let us help you find the right voice for your next interactive CD or DVD. Foreign voice overs dot com has assisted clients in finding the perfect voice for everything from interactive kiosks to leave-behind promotional brochures on CD-ROM.

Digital Voice Overs Translated Into Over 150 Languages and Dialects

The Worldwide Web isn’t called worldwide for no reason.  That’s why it’s imperative you make your site’s message as clear to businessmen across the globe as it is to your next door neighbors.  Foreign voice overs dot com can take your website and/or CD-rom voice over copy and, usingour own in-house translation team, translate it into more than 150 languages and dialects.  If you don’t have written copy, our transciption staff can transcribe it from an audio recording.  So why wait?

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