Foreign Language Voice Overs

Foreign language voice overs are our specialty. With our partner Corporate Language Services, we have been doing voice overs, translations and transcriptions in over 150 languages and dialects for more than 20 years. If you are in need of a voice over in a foreign language, foreign voice overs dot com is the place to look.

Voice Overs for Phone Systems

Make your phone system available to all your customers by giving them the option to hear their choices in their own language. Foreign voice overs dot com can improve your customers experience and help you sell products and services, brand yourself and increase customer retention.

Allowing your message to be heard, in any language, isn’t that hard or expensive, contact us today to receive a free quote for your phone system voice overs.

Foreign Language Radio Voice Overs

What a character on television can express with his/her actions, characters on the radio have only their voice to tell us who they are. Foreign language and accented voice overs for the radio can enhance your ad and reach a wider audience.

Brand your radio station to the right demographic or make your radio spot understood to a different listener group. Foreign voice overs dot com has the solution for you.

Foreign Language Voice Overs for TV

Reach a wider audience with your foreign channel or a dub of your commercial. Whether you’re looking for a voice overs for a sports cast, infomercial, public service announcement or educational video foreign voice overs dot com has the talent that will suit your needs.

With more than 20 years in the foreign language business and talent speaking more than 150 languages, foreign voice overs dot com is your choice for foreign language voice overs.

Character Voice Overs in Foreign Languages

Add a foreign accent or a foreign language to a character and open up completely new dimensions of how people relate to it. A characters character is as much defined by its voice as it is by its actions. Be it a cartoon character, talking toy or a person in a video game, their voice, accent and language will help define who they are and foreign voice overs dot com can help you find that voice.

Foreign Language Voice Overs for the Web &
Digital Media

Computer ownership and Internet usage around the world is increasing every day. The World Wide Web spans the globe and information is moving between computers and different users in the blink of an eye. Your information could be heard by millions of people and yet never be understood because of one barrier: language.

Expand your business by allowing a wider audience to take part of your information. Foreign voice overs dot com can offer a solution to almost any multimedia need you can imagine.


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