Narration has become an indispensible form of communication.  From radio to websites to the automated voice the announcing stops on a commuter train, narration is everywhere in daily life.

These days, you can find a narrator practically anywhere.  But only foreign voice overs dot com helps you find the right narrator for the job.  We’ll give you the voice, language, and price you’re looking for.

Corporate Narration

Foreign voice overs dot com specializes in corporate narrations ranging from corporate training videos and tutorials to corporate presentations and multimedia marketing.  Need to communicate with internation clients?  No problem.  We can translate and reproduce the very same narration into any one of more than 150 languages and dialects.

Find out what our clients already know:  for corporate narration jobs both large and small, foreign voice overs dot com is second to none.

Audio Book Narration

Audio book narration and audio books are a rapidly growing segment of the publishing industry, with new and established companies vying for their share of the market.

Effective narrators and high production values are the keys to the success of your audio book production. With our connections to a wide array of both voice talent and veteran audio engineers, foreign voice overs dot com has a solution for almost any project, large or small.

Narration for TV & Radio

Television is a visual medium.  However, without a strong narrator, most TV spots fall flat.  Voice overs for television need to grab viewers attention as much as the visuals. Foreign voice overs dot com has the voice actors that can do that for you.  Whether you want the voice of an English-speaking male adult or a Spanish speaking 12-year-old girl, foreign voice overs dot com has what you want.

Narrations for the Web

Now that the internet has infiltrated the mainstream media, the demand for website narration has grown exponentially. Narrations for on-line videos, website narrations, narrations for podcasts and flash applications, all of these are becoming a huge part of the narration industry.

Foreign voice overs dot com not only helps you find the right voice for your flash intro or streaming audio but also delivers the files quickly and efficiently in whatever method you prefer, be it FTP, email, CD, or DVD-rom.

Narration in Any Language, Accent and Dialect

Your voice over narration needs a voice that your listener understands and trusts.

No matter what the audience, or what the language, foreign voice overs dot com has the voice you’re looking for.  Collectively, our voice artists speak in more than 150 languages, accents and dialects.

Need a foreign language voice over done from English copy?  No problem!  Our in-house translation staff has more than 25 years of experience.  With foreign voice overs dot com, you’ll get want you want at a price you can afford.

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