Voices for Jingles and Music

Jingles may seem like an old fashioned marketing tool but it never stopped working. Some tunes stick in your head like flies to fly paper. Foreign voice overs dot com can help you find a voice for your next jingle, in any language, for almost any purpose.

Branding with Jingles

Jingles help sell both your brand and your product. A jingle will make it easier for customers to remember your name and make them come back for more. Virtually every established brand has a jingle. You probably know a few yourself; you might even have one stuck in your head right now!

Children’s Music

Children can be a difficult demographic to reach.  They respond to music and love to hear a fun voice that reminds them of their favorite cartoon. It can be a major factor in keeping a child’s attention for more than two seconds. Foreign voice overs dot com can help you find the talent to record and produce jingles or children’s music that will make any child break into an impromptu dance.

Soundtracks and Theme Songs

If visuals are the bricks of the television medium, then music is the mortar.  The opening song of a TV show is often one of the things people will remember. “Cheers,” anyone? The music and voices throughout a program is vital to setting a mood to the visuals. At Foreign voice overs dot com we can help you find the right talent to set the mood of your next show or give your viewers a memorable jingle to hum along to, even when they’re not watching.

Foreign Language Jingles

Reach a wider audience and create a stronger brand beyond the borders of your current operations. Let Foreign voice overs dot com help you find the right voice for your foreign language jingle, and make your brand known worldwide.

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